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100% Safe! No Dyes, Chemicals or Toxins! All Natural
Congratulations Bride to Be!
 Your special day is approaching and it's going to be the most memorable day of your life! It's a very important time to look & feel beautiful because ALL eyes will be on you! Your wedding photos will stay with you for the rest of your life so that's why we at Flawless Mobile Spray Tanning want to make sure you look & feel your most beautiful best in your wedding dress with a great tan!

 Spray Tanning is one of the easiest and most effective ways to look & feel beautiful in minutes! It's 100% safe, streak free, organic ingredients and won't leave you looking orange!

 UV tanning as we know can have damaging effects on your skin and ultimately your health, between pre mature aging of the skin to skin cancer; which is why more * more people are turning to spray tanning to get that healthy bronze glow without all the damaging effects.Spray tanning has come a long way and is the best alternative and our product is organic; No chemicals, No dyes, No perfumes, No streaking and No orange afterglow!

 So tell me ladies, do you want your skin to match your wedding dress or do you want to look like you just came off the islands with a bronze, healthy glow? And this isn't just for the Bride! The Groom may want to consider looking just as tan next to his Bride as well! Call today for an appointment and look great in that wedding dress! And the best part .....  We bring the bronze to you!

 Are you skeptical or nervous what your tan will look like? Then we suggest you do a trial run....get sprayed 2 weeks prior to your special day to see the results for yourself. The spray won't ruin your dress either, it's water soluable so it washes out! (except on spandex)  Call for appointment 845-554-8089

$35 session                            OR
$60 for Bride & Groom


Bachelorette Party Idea!
Looking to do something different for your Bride to be? How about adding a spray tanning party to your bachelorette party?!

We can show up at your party or the day before your party, get our spray on, and be gone before you're ready to go out and celebrate her last night of single life! Best of all, everyone will be bronzed and looking Hot for your girls' night out!

Spray tanning is 100% safe and with skin cancer on the rise it's the best alternative to UV tanning and our product will not leave you streaky or orange! Our organic ingredients have No dyes, No chemicals, No perfumes, just all natural ingredients for great skincare!

So give your bride to be a different spin on the typical bachelorette party and have her glowing in her wedding dress, she'll love you for it!

The best part is .... We bring the bronze to you!

$35 session
$30 session (5 or more paid tan minimum)
** over 21 miles from Poughkeepsie NY, there will be an extra charge​
Bride is FREE!

Get your bridal party to tan and you tan free!
$35 session Bridal party 

Bride & Groom are FREE 
(Must have 4 paid tanners to be FREE)