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Little History on Tanning ......

​ Tanning came into vogue by accident. In 1923 French designer, Coco Chanel was seen leaving a nobleman's yacht with a deep suntan after cruising from Paris to Cannes. Although she later claimed to have stayed out in the sun too long, her tan soon set a fashion trend. It also became fashionable to spend holidays baking at the beach; F.Scott Fitgerald's novel Tender is the Night showed off the world of celebrities spending time on the beaches of the French Riveria. And from the thirties onward tanning became even more popular, and the fifties saw the very first bikinis and the all-over tan became even more popular. Obsessive, preoccupation for sun tanning finally caused real trouble to a lot of people who abused sunlight. Out of the blue, skin cancer cases were reported and medical examination led to sunbathing as a cause. It is well known now that improper and overexposure to the sun can cause serious health problems and skin problems. Moderation to sunlight is highly recommended, since the sun is necessary to the body to create vitamin D. 

 Sunscreens claiming to protect against UVA & UVB, and aggressively promoted, were not protective enough and soon the new threat of skin cancer came into sight. In the 1970's sunless tanning was considered the "rescue", unfortunately by the 1970's a lot of people learned that the sunburns they had suffered in their youth developed into skin cancers. The damage had already been done and their health could not be recovered, so skin cancer rates are still growing. Sunless tanning is now the best and most popular option for those who cannot imagine themselves "wearing" pale skin while avoiding beach tanning. 

 Self tanning products such as brown creams and dyes also became available, allowing people to "patch" any white spots in their tan or even to stimulate a tan. Coppertone introduced the first ever sunless tanning lotion in 1960, QT or Quick Tan was sold as a sunless tanner that developed overnight, containing DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). Since then the FDA added DHA to the list of approved cosmetic ingredients, and over time sunless tanning products have been redefined to look more natural and not the orange or streaky it used to be. 

 Today spray tanning is hotter than ever! With concerns over skin cancer and pre mature aging of the skin, the need for instant gratification to look bronze and beautiful has the spray tanning industry booming. So, if you're like most of us, you love & want that bronze, healthy glow and now you can have it year round! Educate yourself on UV light, pre mature aging of the skin, and skin cancer ..... we want you to be smart and be safe! 

Try Spray Tanning, we're confident you will be addicted to the way you look and how it makes you feel and the best part is,  it's 100% safe!