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100% Safe! No Dyes, Chemicals or Toxins! All Natural
  You spend countless hours looking for the "perfect" prom dress, you make sure your hair & nails are done "just right", now all you have to do is wrap it all up with a "Flawless" tan! Because let's face it, ALL girls want to look Hot on prom night and what better way to look bronzed & beautiful in your dress than with a great tan! Proms are once in a lifetime and we want to make sure you look great for that important day!

  And one of the best things about Flawless Mobile Spray Tanning is .... we bring the bronze to you! We know you're running all over looking for that dress so why waste more time when we will cater to your needs and time!

 Why Spray Tan and NOT UV Tan?

 Because skin cancer amoung young people is on the rise! Melanoma, an aggressive, potentially fatal type of skin cancer has increased in young adults. It is now the most common type of cancer diagnosed in young adults, so NOW is the time to be smart and be safe about your skin! Don't wait until it's too late or think it can't happen to you! Besides, your skin is young & supple, don't you want to keep it like that? Pre mature aging of the skin is something to worry about now as well, not when your 30 or 40! UV sunlight is fine in moderation, like 15 minutes a day to create vitamin D but overexposure is damaging to your skin and overall health.

 That is why spray tanning is the next best thing, it's 100% safe! And our product contains organic ingredients and have No dyes, No chemicals, No perfumes. We will not leave you streaky or orange! So be smart and be safe! Call today to schedule an appointment or round up your BFFs and have a "pre prom" spray tan party ... you tan FREE and your BFFs will get a discount on their tan! Either way, you want your prom to be the best night ever and you want to look your best too!

Single tan $35  ** Depending on location there may be an EXTRA charge**
Party price - $30 a tan (4 paid tan minimum) 
​Couple (You & Your Date) $60

Call for appointment 845-554-8089
Prom Time = Tan Time!