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                                                      The day before you tan you should: 

1. Exfoliate any areas of your body you wish to tan, pay special attention to knees, elbows, ankles, and tops of feet. This is necessary to remove any dead skin cells and also will help prolong your tan. It’s key to receiving the best color and overall appearance of your tan.

2. Moisturize your skin after showering BUT stay away from lotions with lots of fragrance, alcohol and baby oils. Fragrance and alcohol dries the skin and oil leaves a residue which can clog your pores.

3. Shave (Shaving opens your pores and this could make the solution go deeper into pores leaving little brown dots), wax, get pedicure done or facials

** Note: If you recently have been in the sun and have burned your skin, wait until your skin heals and you are not peeling. Spray Tanning over peeling skin does not look good, you will get tan BUT the dead skin coming off will leave white patches where the Spray Tan used to be

                                                                     Day of Spray Tan:

1. No makeup (eye makeup is ok), perfumes or lotions. These can affect the absorption of DHA, resulting in streaking and minimal color 

2. Deodorants should be avoided. Spraying over deodorant can result in green rings around the armpit and is difficult to remove 

3. Bring dark, loose fitting clothes and flip flops to wear afterwards. Tight clothing can rub the tan completely off in most areas. We recommend wearing tighter clothes about 5 hrs later 

4. If you choose to wear underwear, bathing suit, wear dark color preferably, solution will wash out better from dark clothing BUT is water soluble so if you do wear lighter clothing you should be fine.

                                                What you should do after getting Spray tanned: 

1. Avoid tight clothing for 4-5 hrs 

2. Avoid soaking in the bath as this encourages the sloughing off of dead skin cells which will increase the fading of your spray tan 

3. Wait 5 to 8 hrs before showering, pat dry, do not rub skin with towel (It’s best to wait and shower the next day for optimal results) When showering, don’t be concerned if some color comes off, this is normal. It won’t affect the color of your tan.

4. Moisturize every day (preferably twice) with a hydrating lotion (Organic lotions are my personal choice, they are sulfate and paraben free) without Alpha Hydroxy (AHA), alcohol & mineral oils (these dry your skin out) in order to keep your skin and tan in tip top condition. Hydrated skin makes your tan last longer. 

5. Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can remove or shorten the longevity of the spray tan

6. Avoid exercising after you get sprayed, wait until next day after you have showered. 

7. Avoid perspiring heavely, as this may cause your tan to streak, try to stay in a cool atmosphere, or near a fan if you don not have air conditioning.


 There are many variables that affect the quality of a spray tan. Two individuals can receive the exact same tanning treatment and experience two different results. Spray tan solutions react differently with different skin types. What may appear to be a deep, dark color on one person may look golden on another, not all skin types are the same. The better condition your skin is in, the better the tan will look & last. Certain foods, medications and “that time of the month” can affect the ph balance of your skin. This imbalance can affect the tone, depth and fading of your tan as well.

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